Company Overview

“GROW COVER” BRNAD IS OWN BY “SIDWIN FABRIC PVT LTD”, which is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter in agriculture field since 2011. Company is engage in making of high quality product made of selective raw material under the prescribe lab testing. All the product produce from high quality ultra violet (UV) additive, so each product sustain longer time period in open field.

Company own ISO 9001 : 14001 and only Indian company in protective cover field, which is CE certified and follow European standers in quality. Grow cover is a name reckon with trust, integrity, transparency and with Advance expertise.

Grow Cover is Family Member of


We keep updating our methodology according to market needs and customer requirements with very close eyes on serving the best quality material. Today we are associated with many reputed customers nationally and internationally from US, UK, Dubai, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Srilanka & much more.

Team Grow cover is practised truthfulness of company’s core values and uphold the presentation of businesses. On a daily basis, they vigilantly look after long-term partnerships with customers, dealer & Distributor all over the world. Many of our team members have milieus in research and engineering and hold advanced degrees and national certifications. By nurturing our modern facilities and drawing proficiency, we have the competence to produce Grow Cover Product of any pattern as wished by our customers. Our proficiency has been precious in meeting the Grow cover necessities of the customer. Grow Cover has built up brawny procedural capabilities and a towering degree of adaptability through the know-how of its personnel. Members of our squad have successfully completed diverse methodical and technological projects to deliver highly specialised solutions.

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