Grow Cover one of the most unique feature is protect crop from weather effect. It create roof on crop which allow air and sunlight as required only. It create protective whether like home for crop. Grow cover protect against whether effect like temperature changes, wind, rain & snow because of its unique structure.

Insects are the most diverse species of animals living on earth. A few parasitic species are pathogenic. Some insects damage crops by feeding on sap, leaves or fruits. Insects are said to be responsible for destroying one fifth of the world’s total crop production annually. Grow cover is naturally textured as micro net which does not allow any kind of incest inside the cover or tunnel. Grow cover can be considering as the best replacement for insecticide and pesticide to keep away the incest from the crop. It can be economic and more reliable tools then insecticide and also prevent from the reckless use of pesticide in vegetable and fruit.

The texture of crop cover allows sunlight to enter but traps heat inside, so the temperature inside tunnel stays warm even when it’s cold outside and stays cool inside even when it’s too hot outside. Because gases in the Earth’s atmosphere also let in light but trap heat, many people call this phenomenon the “greenhouse effect or microclimate effect”. It’s work as mini greenhouse which is truly cost effective and temporary.

Crop cover develops the microclimate inside the tunnel which create identical atmosphere for crop. Which reduce the temperature variation such resulting to uniformity in agriculture production also in such condition growth of the crop increase remarkable comparing to open field which gives early yield. The microclimate created by the veil optimizes the conditions for photosynthesis. Crops covered can mature 1-3 weeks earlier than an uncovered control. There are variations depending on the species, times and production techniques.

Plants subsist upon sunlight that they convert into chemical energy through the process of photosynthesis. Light intensity refers to the amount of sunlight a plant receives. Plants normally grow in direct proportion to light intensity. However, too much light can scorch them. Most plants thrive in a condition of morning sun with afternoon shade. Crop cover allow proportional air and sunlight required to crop.

Moisture and air balance are major factors in robust plant growth. Grow cover has a structure that balances openness with the protection required for crops. The porous structure of Grow Cover creates high permeability to both air and water. Rain or irrigation water can penetrate readily through the fleece in a uniform way to give efficient watering. Compared to plastic film crop covering, the porosity of the fleece enables continuous renewal of the air. In warm weather, high temperatures can be clipped because hot air is evacuated by density difference.

Ultraviolet radiation is at the other end of the spectrum to infrared and has several effects relevant to plants. It can stimulate the germination of some seeds, cause the death of plant tissue, is responsible for blackening of rose petals, help formation, activation, deactivation of certain plant pigments, some insects need it for vision and it is necessary for the sporulation of certain fungi. Crop cover can be formulated to filter out certain UV wavelengths and reduce some of these effects.

Grow cover product is very easy and simple in installation any skill & unskilled person can install. Grow cover tunnel require a simple frame of wires supports a crop cover to give a typically cross section of 40-50 cm Height and require length. The edge of the crop cover may be buried in soil. The restricted volume and access means that care has to be taken with ventilation to avoid overheating and high humidity by opening tunnel when necessary. Same other product also very easy to use.

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