Banana Grow Cover

Banana Grow Cover

Banana Grow Cover

Product Information

Product CodeSpecification
BG 17-31White GSM 17, Width 31”, Length 200mtr Tube Roll
* Customize size is also available on request and availability of material

Banana Grow cover is specially designed for protecting banana. With huge demand across India and world Grow cover team design best product which gives great benefit as well as economically that any farmer can afford. This product is tested and proven by many farmer that gives more than 25% high production compare to ordinary farming of banana. This cover gives multiple benefit which lead increase in quality of banana.

Benefit Of Banana Grow Cover

  • Protecting From Direct Sunburn.
  • It protect from outer atmosphere effect on Banana.
  • Give better air, water, & sunlight permeability as they need.
  • Prevention from black spot on Banana.
  • It gives Banana equally size and color.
  • Protect from bird & animal attack damages.
  • Increase shining of Banana skin that give good market value.
  • Best suitable for organic cultivation.
  • Give Export quality production of Banana.

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