R & D Centre

Research & Development

Through incessant research and development, Grow Cover has been the most sought preference of customers, so far as the Grow Cover are concerned. Research has been a core concern throughout our whole array of operations. We are persistently working at improving existing techniques of manufacturing as well as developing new ones to provide the most challenging requirements of clients in a way that is cost-effective.

We have considerably invested in our research and development consequently enhancing our capabilities to gratify the various requirements of customers in different business segments currently, we are having 2 senior engineers and 10 technical people. We also have alliance with some foreign companies for research and development for new product developments.


Investment word seems daunting when any one talks about new business venture as it entails huge portion of money to be spent. Grow Cover has never compromised on money to be spent on Machineries ,infrastructure, skilled labors, constant training, research and development, we have invested a lot compare to other player in our company and brand and still the investments goes on and on with the passage of the time.

Market Survey

We are living in the world which is dynamic and changes frequently, the competition into the market is fierce and cut throat, Grow Cover aim to be a global company and has tendency to be a leader in to industry in the years to come.

In order to fulfill our objectives which we have laid down we strongly believe in market survey. It includes body of exercises to be done so far as market survey is concerned. We keep a very close eye on each and every department and aspects of our company like research, marketing, manufacturing, customer satisfaction, employee’s satisfaction. Market survey enables us to compare our company’s performance and activities or way of conducting business with the rest of our competitors so it helps us to find the discrepancies if it exists in any segments.

Sample Testing

At present, the company has advanced laboratories. For samples of the latest fashion each year, there are specifically-assigned persons by Technical Departments to sense the corresponding data in accordance with national standards and determine stereotypes after test permission.

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